PopMatters has provided a vital platform for me to explore music and interview artists that have been influential in my life. Indeed, my work on PopMatters laid the foundation for writing liner notes. I've written more than 50 features for PopMatters. All of them were unique experiences and below you'll find some of the articles that remain significant for me. Click on the photo and you will find a direct link to the corresponding article on PopMatters, where you can read everything from my interviews with progressive artists like Van Hunt and Rahssan Patterson and icons like Paul McCartney and Deborah Harry to my extensive tributes to Diana Ross, Donna Summer, and Tina Turner.  (Those wishing to see my profile of all PopMatters articles, click here.)

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Get Ready for Her Sexy Battle: An Interview with Deborah Harry 15 October 2007 (PopMatters) An interview with Deborah Harry on the occasion of her NECESSARY EVIL (2007) album. Also includes a sidebar overview of her solo albums plus a hyperlink to an interview with Nile Rodgers about producing her first solo album, KOOKOO (1981).

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