As a writer and music lover, fewer endeavors bring me more gratification than writing liner notes or essays that document the history of an album. Since 2010, I've penned more than 160 liner notes for CD re-issues of classic soul, R&B, pop, jazz, and disco by a number of labels, including Big Break Records (BBR), Cherry Red, Gold Legion, Demon Music Group, among others. For each essay, I interview the artist (when available), plus key personnel, including songwriters, producers, and musicians. I tell the story through their words and point of view. Below is just a sample of some of the re-issues that include my essays. Click on the cover and you'll see who I interviewed for the re-issue and when the album was re-released. Underneath the description, I've provided a link where you can find more information about where to get the re-issue.  Click here to hear/view Qool DJ Marv's musical mix of my liner notes portfolio.

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DIONNE WARWICK: Heartbreaker

original label: Arista (1982) re-issue: Big Break Records (2012) interviews with Dionne Warwick, Barry Gibb, Clive Davis, Albhy Galuten This album was Dionne's major UK comeback. Barry Gibb and Albhy Galuten provided her some of the biggest UK hits of her career. Clive Davis brought them together. My essay tells the story behind a commercial peak in Dionne Warwick's career and a creative peak in Barry Gibb's career as a producer.

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