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The first three re-issue labels that commissioned me to write liner notes back in 2010 had all read my oral history CASABLANCA RECORDS: Play It Again (2009, PopMatters). Since then, about 1/5 of the 200+ liner notes I've written have been for re-releases of albums originally issued on Casablanca and its subsidiary labels. The albums represent the range of styles Casablanca was known for in the late-'70s, from funk (Platypus) to Eurodisco (Munich Machine) to R&B (Jeannie Reynolds) to pop-soul (Brooklyn Dreams). Most recently, I wrote a 30,000-word essay for DONNA SUMMER: ENCORE (2020), a career-spanning box set that includes all of the career-defining albums that Donna recorded for Casablanca between 1975-1979. Below are some of the numerous Casablanca albums I've had the pleasure of revisiting.

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