The first three re-issue labels that commissioned me to write liner notes back in 2010 had all read my oral history CASABLANCA RECORDS: Play It Again (2009, PopMatters). Since then, about 1/5 of the 100+ liner notes I've written have been for re-releases of albums originally issued on Casablanca and its subsidiary labels. The albums represent the range of styles Casablanca was known for in the late-'70s, from funk (Platypus) to Eurodisco (Munich Machine) to soul (Jeannie Reynolds) to everything in between (Brooklyn Dreams). Below are some of the numerous Casablanca albums I've had the pleasure of revisiting. (Note: I also presented my research on Casablanca Records at the EMP Pop Conference at NYU in 2012.)

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THE DEEP: Original Soundtrack (1977, CASABLANCA) re-issue label: Hot Shot Records UK/BBR (2014) interview with Phyllis Chotin (former VP of Creative Services at Casablanca), plus interviews with Donna Summer and Cecil Holmes from CJW archives

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